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As we continue with these month’s series talk on saving, today we want to talk about commitment to stick with the savings plan.

In my opinion, savings is a very personal entanglement that can only work if a serious personal commitment is in place.

Personal commitment means you make a commitment not to sabotage yourself, not fail your goals, not to fail to love and pamper yourself, not to forget that you matter, and most importantly to make yourself your very best cheerleader.

Last week we talked about having a personal self-fulfilling goal that is short term………… let us explain why that is important….

We wanted you to enjoy the satisfaction that one feels after enjoying something that they have desired for a minute, the joy and thrill that one feels is incorporable, imagine that is how you’d feel if you have a savings plan for all your life goals, as I said at the beginning of these series your goal could be major as owning a house or as small as gifting yourself a pair of shoe that you have desired.

All you need is to have a serious personal meeting with yourself, on this meeting ask yourself the following questions;

What is it that I would want to indulge in but I can’t because of funds?

What lifelong investment would I want to accomplish by a certain time?

It is important to have these two categories separately in the first place, this will enable you to have different timelines for each, which means each will be realistic, because small life pleasures or investments can’t have the same investment weight as major life goals, but they cannot be ignored either.

After you have this well written down now go to the next step,

What is it that I spend on that I honestly can do without and my life will not drastically?

The next step will be

How much will forgoing this one thing contributes to me achieving my goal(s)?

Now if this amount is enough, you’re good to go, if not ask yourself the third question again, do this until the amount you need is realized with the time frame that you for yourself, for each of the categories.

Now at this stage is where you need last week’s article https://mbuguaandassociates.com/savings-how-to-guarantee-successful-savings-plan/ to ensure that you have this plan locked in.

I insist have all these written down somewhere and when you accomplish indicate if you accomplished it on time, if not indicate the major reason why that was not possible, then make a promise to yourself that if the reason that happened is avoidable that you will not allow that to happen again.

Enjoy your walk to financial freedom with the small steps that you’re starting now. Remember nothing is impossible, it is only difficult to start and stay by the commitment, so start the keeping repeating the process and before you know it, saving is a habitual habit you are enjoying.

Take-Home:  You always have to have your back, always bet on yourself 100%

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