This week we talk the last steps before we finally invest, (this is after you have answered the questions that we discussed in last week’s article) let’s get into it already, shall we?

The 1st step you need to do is hit google and get to know who the investments partners available to you that can offer you the type of investment that you have already established are, who will take care of the answers you gave to the pillar questions in last week’s article or a financial institution (like us) that can listen to your goal and advice on how to answer those pillar questions and later give you investment options that you should consider.

After thorough research, you should have at least 3 investment company options that you should be choosing from, then…

You organize for a meeting with the investment partners, (go ready with a list of question for them to answer you, and do not be in hurry to make a decision, be wholly present in each and every meeting, absorb as much as possible and most importantly take notes as much as you can, leave each meeting and promise to get back, never sign a deal that you haven’t had time to think deeply about), some of the questions that walk to theses meeting could be but limited to:

~What is the minimum amount for such investment?

~Can I keep growing my principal investment amount?

~What is the rate of return?

~How is the interest amount accrued, is it monthly or annually?

~Is my principal investment amount at any risk of loss?

~If it is money market, ask do I get to know where my money is trading?

~How accessible is my money to me?

~In case of withdrawal before the maturity date what are the risks?

The above is just an overhaul sample of the question you can have, if you need a more personalized one you could have a meeting with us, we’ll listen to your goal, guide on the questions to ask and also guide on the trustworthy investment companies to consider.

Another trick is to listen carefully to the answers that this investment managers give you because it comes with new information that you didn’t have that you could add to your question listen for the next meeting.

When you have had a meeting with all available options to you, now give yourself a day or weekend to sit down carefully evaluate the answers given to you, this you could also ask us to help you go through as well after this now you can settle on the best investment option and can finally put your money where your goals are and watch the actualization process come to life

Point to note; you can’t have one investment plan to cater for all your goals and aspiration, so let each goal have its actualization investment project, that way you can be guaranteed of success at the end of the day, some goals will be short-term, hence they need a flexible investment while others will be long-term hence they may need a fixed type of investment.

Take-home: Whatever you do, do not allow money to stay idle in the bank account while they should be earning you more money, ensure that you’re growing your wealth portfolio as you sleep.

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