Personal Budget Season Finale

Good Financial literate morning our readers,

It’s the end of the month, meaning it’s time for us to close this week’s discussion……

In a nutshell, a budget should always help you manage your money and ensure that you do not misappropriate any funds.

A budget should help ease the financial stress that starts crippling in by mid-month for the salaried people.

A budget should guide the business owner on how and when to invest how much.

A budget should enable you to say no to that invitation without any shame because you know very well that it is not because of a lack of will but lack of funds at that very month.

Without a budget, very high chances are that human excitement of money being in the bank will have you splurging as soon a cheque clears forgetting the responsibilities it is supposed to settle.

In the modern era of the smartphone, we will do you our readers an injustice if we do not give you ideas on how to achieve this with convenience, we promised to give options that can help you stick to your budget.

Option one you can talk to us, we’ll have a meeting understand your life and customize for you a budget that will suit your personal life, we’ll also act as your accountability partner in ensuring that whatever financial goals you have you’re able to achieve them without any drastic change in your current lifestyle, there will be change but we’ll make it so smooth for you, or you can get yourself any other accountability partner, just make sure they understand your goal and are willing to support you to achieve it.

Another option is getting a financial application from either Google or App store that you can use, examples include but not limited to Centonomy Financial App, Andro Money Expense Tracker, Nancy Mwai’s Financial Planner (this you can check out her IG page on how to get one).

If you are using an app that’s working for you comment with the name and the benefits you’re enjoying it could come in handy for someone here.

Enjoy the rest of the week, & see you next week, brand new month as we start on the new topic of savings.

Mbugua & Associates.


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