In each last Wednesday of every month you’ll know we close the month’s discussion, this month was about investment, I started with showing you how you can use your debts to actually grow your wealth, then I differentiated good debts from bad ones, then I brought the aspect of using the money you already have to grow your wealth. Today as we close the month let me give an overhaul view on investment.

In my view each and every one of us should have an investment plan going on, how we choose to actualize them is what should differ if it must, be it is an m-shwari savings plan, be it is a home bank savings plan that they can be used to buy an asset, whichever way you may go ensure you have an investment project or start planning on how to kick start one now.

You may wonder how someone is living in what you may consider ‘beyond their means’ while, this could be because they have learned the art of maximizing on good debt part of investment growth and they increased their borrowing power to a level that it can afford them that very comfortable life, or maybe they have been saving a little penny with every inflow that comes there a way that now their savings is opening doors for them.

‘Do not be afraid to borrow’ is something I was told by a person who’s wealth is where I hope to be by the time I’m their age, ‘if I was afraid of loans trust me most of the investments I have going on would just be a dream in my head because honestly saving all the capital needed was not a timely realizable goal for me’.

When these words were spoken to me they instantly gave me a different view of debt that I actually knew existed but I had not witnessed its execution in actuality.

I know that for one to borrow you must have created the capacity so here is how you can start doing that.

Save your money in institutions that will earn you interest or dividends but that can also allow you loans access at some point, this could be a Sacco for example, while your savings earn you dividends on an annual basis, they also give you access to loan, that way your money build for you wealth in both way, earn you money and also earn you credibility that can allow you to borrow in the near future. All you need to do is commit a certain amount of money on consistent intervals because this is what creates credibility for you to eventually earn that loan amount access.

If you want to create wealth through savings, then ensure that savings account is not your option, but rather an investment company that will offer you reasonable interest amount at an annual interest rate that is credited to your account on a monthly basis and compounded to calculate future month’s payment.

Take-home: All those goals and visions you have can be actualized, all you need is a strategy and then commitment, invest now, invest wisely, grow your wealth, don’t always work for money, plan so that your money will work for you eventually.

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