Audit and Assurance

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Our audit & assurance team does monitoring, assessing and analyzing of the accounting information provided in the company’s financial statements in order to issue assurance that the statements reflect the true and fair view of the company status.

Statutory Audit

Our audit team's aim is to review the financial reports presented by the management with the aim of giving an opinion on whether they reflect the true and fair view of the organization's status at the time of reporting and also a review of the organization's compliance with the applicable laws and regulations governing the industry of operation.

Internal Audits

Our team evaluates the operational dynamics of the organization with an aim to understand the effectiveness of the policies and procedures put in place to facilitate the actualization of the organization's strategic plan, it also looks into the controls implemented and their effectiveness to mitigate the risk exposures facing the organization.

Risk Assessment

Our team seeks to understand how well the organization understands the risks in their industry of operation and then facilitates in the definition of both inherent risks as well as the residual risks, and then guides the organization in the development and implementation of effective and efficient controls.

Financial Restructuring

We review an organization's current financial structure with an aim of evaluating how optimal the financial instruments mix are, and offer advice as well as necessary guidance on how the organization can optimize their financial tools to achieve their strategic plan swiftly.

Our Promise

We endeavor to advise the client with new & innovative ways of control measures to help improve on the expense & increase revenue as well as tax saving ways.

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